Finnabair Inspired Altered Box

I was watching ‘Mixed Media Minutes with Finnabair’ on her Facebook live last night, I’m a big fan of Finnabair’s work and her products, so I was very excited at the chance to watch a live tutorial by her. It certainly didn’t disappoint, as I learned how to achieve something with my art alchemy paints that has previously alluded me.

The first art alchemy paints I bought were two pots of the Metallique paints in Midnight Sky and Emerald Green. I loved the colours straight away, it helped that blues and greens are my favourites, but these colours have so much depth and a real lustrous shine to them. However, when I applied them to my projects I found that I couldn’t quite achieve what I wanted, which was this sort of blended harmonious look I had seen in so many other projects using these paints. The answer was given to me as I watched the tutorial last night – water.

Straight after applying the paint I watched Finnabair spritz it generously with water, making it ‘float’ as she put it, and take on a more watercolour like look. The result was colours that beautifully merged together, creating depth and tone rather than looking a bit flat and separated as they had on my previous experiments. Light bulb moment for me!

So after watching I couldn’t wait to get to work and try it right away! Luckily I have a wooden box that I’ve been keeping aside for when the right inspiration came along. My version is not quite the same as Finnabair’s, although I pretty much followed the same process and techniques, the ingredients I’ve used are a little different.

I used two different stencils on top of each other, and different embellishments. I used one Metallique and one Opal magic colour, rather than two Opal magic colours and in addition to the sparks paint I used some Opal Magic wax. The colours I used were: Midnight Sky Metallique, Aqua Rose Opal magic, Dragon’s Eye Sparks and Vintage Gold Opal Magic wax.


I’m very pleased with the result and I do hope Finnabair will do some more mixed media minutes tutorials soon. Please do check out the amazing tutorial, the video is up on her Facebook page, and have a go at the techniques yourself!


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